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Simon Says...

I would like to personally thank you for considering Arlen UK as your clothing provider. Since starting Arlen UK I have been fortunate enough to work with an array of businesses up and down the United Kingdom. Each customer has the reassurance from me that your trust and faith in Arlen UK is 100% right. No matter the budget we can find the right clothing solution for you, guided by our ethos of intelligent clothing, making your people smarter.
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About Arlen UK

Arlen UK is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality protective, corporate and specialised clothing. We supply both local and national clients including various schools, hotels, NHS, private sector companies, MOD and other specialist companies. All of this can be adapted to laundry companies and services throughout the UK. Our vast production capacity and efficient logistics translate into us fulfilling even the most complex orders. Arlen UK is part of a larger family known as the Arlen Textile Group.

Our Journey

  • 1995ar
    Arlen SA was formed in 1995 in Poland and with its dynamic development now employs over 1000 people worldwide.

  • 2001Arlen UK
    We help our customers to design collections of clothes and to select raw materials that are the most appropriate from the financial point of view and that are adjusted to the users’ individual needs.
  • 2004m
    In 2004 Marlen our German based facility was opened, which enables us to supply and provide dynamic customer service in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

  • 2005o
    2005 saw Arlen become the majority shareholder of Optex, the leading fabric manufacturer in Poland. Our textile facility designs and produces the technologically advanced fabrics, especially dedicated to the individual needs of our clients.
  • 2006r
    The medical division of the Arlen Textile Group was formed in 2003 named Rentocare. Rentocare is the only Polish company to offer a comprehensive provision to the operating rooms of textile medical products. We are constantly  working on the development of our offer. We put every effort into improving our products in order for them to meet your expectations.
  • 2013Arlen UK
    Arlen UK begins and becomes part of a larger family known as the Arlen Textile Group. Providing workwear and protective clothing to businesses and organisations across the UK.