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Fabrics of the future

Arlen UK can provide cost effective clothing and protective solutions for local authorities and emergency services which can be achieved due to our vertically structured organisation.

Driven by the needs of our customers and the ever increasing standards we have evolved to always surpass current minimum requirements no matter the size of the client or order.

Arlen UK is a company dedicated to the ideals of innovation, quality and customer service. With continuous research and development and building on our substantial knowledge this has enabled us to produce and evolve new solution to customer problems.

Your staff, safe and smart

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  • Simon and his team have supported the Youth Zone in a number or various ways over the years. I've always found Simon to be professional and extremely helpful with any issue I may have. He's always only a phone call away and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help make the best of any situation.

    I would highly recommend Simon and his team to anyone looking for a friendly, approachable, professional and trustworthy service

  • We opted to use these cycling tops for a feat from London to Paris – all three of us and we differ in shape considerably. The tops were put through their paces, the feel of the fabric was ideal and they washed overnight ready for the next day without any issues. They were warm when we were wet and they ventilated when we ‘overheated’ or had a warm days’ sunshine. Great kit, I’d buy it again and, for me, being a little overly addicted to cycling-kit generally (tell me a chap who isn’t with a road bike), it is the best quality material in my cycling wardrobe. Consider it well endorsed and thanks for recommending it to me Simon.

  • ... Arlen products are of high quality and advanced styling. Our experiences allow us to recommend the company as a professional contractor guaranteeing high level of provided services

  • ...Arlen is our primary manufacturing source of uniform clothing which we supply to the Police in the United Kingdom

  • The 1000 series helicopter passenger survival suits were completed on time, in full and to a very challenging due date. All suits were correct to the specification. Furthermore, the standard of workmanship on the suites was exceptional.

Thorough consultation and ongoing advice is what makes us stand out from the crowd.
We take pride in every stitch, knowing each one is designed to be 100% right for you.
Attention to detail combined with our knowledge of the industry underlines our drive to deliver.
The people in our business are what makes Arlen UK what it is, we believe in giving our staff the rewards, responsibilities and security as part of the family.
The same drive and ambition goes into our small and large clients.
We commit to working with you to find the right solution.
Our passion is people and finding those people is something we have no compromises on.
The future of fabrics is what we strive for on a daily basis.

Lets see how Arlen UK can help you.