jacketIf you are looking for high-quality, functional and comfortable workwear, Arlen UK offer the widest variety of items on the market, combining great service with thorough consultation and ongoing advice, attention to detail, passion for extreme quality and innovative fabrics. Aiming to offer intelligent clothing for smart people, Arlen UK provides a range of dependable military garments, clothing and solutions for emergency services and local authorities, as well as high-standard specialist garments.

Arlen UK is also the right place to find your workwear jackets for all industries, offering a pricing solution that adapts to any business, from local to corporate. The unique collections of jackets are available in any desired size, with quality materials including softshell, fleece, high visibility, waterproof and protective fabrics and designs. The items can be embroidered or printed with the company’s logo to help you promote your brand, and feature a variety of colours, such as white for painter and decorator jackets, or dark blue for boiler suits.


Offering the right balance of functionality and comfort, these workwear jackets come in gender-specific models for both men and women to satisfy all your needs and offer great value for money to all customers, regardless of their budget.

All Arlen UK workwear jackets, as well as the wider range of clothing items, are perfectly customised to fit any client’s needs and requirements for safety and functionality, with garments that go beyond expectations when it comes to quality and price. These jackets will make sure your staff remains protected, smart and safe at all times.

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