Workwear casestudy: Logistics gets smarter

As a logistics firm, employing between 40 and 50 members of staff, we recently made the decision to initiate corporate workwear for our company, following consultation with our workforce. Having mulled over the idea for a while, we recognised the benefits personalized workwear could bring, such as unifying our employees in a common goal, raising morale, promoting our company name and smartening up our image. We wanted to provide a sense of belonging and identity to our company and we are more than happy to report that things could not have gone better following our decision to use Arlen UK, who were with us at every step of our venture. We would like to share our experiences in the hope that it might help another company who are considering doing the same.10651819496_f0c0d4cacb_h

We are delighted with the help and guidance Arlen UK provided, right from our first contact with them. There were obviously some key decisions to make from the outset and we were able to draw upon Arlen UK’s expertise to avoid making mistakes. We were aware that we would need to choose clothing appropriate for different departments and we first thought that we would use different colours in order to differentiate between them, with the corporate logo as the common motif.

Arlen UK made it clear, right from the first contact we made with them, that client satisfaction is important to them. They regard themselves as an extension of their customer’s business and really listened to us and our needs. Thanks to the service they provide, they have helped us to arrive at exactly where we wanted to be.

Initial planning meetings helped us to differentiate between our departments and to decide exactly what clothing was right for each one. For example, our original thoughts were that warehouse staff and drivers needed polo shirts, trousers and fleeces, with hi viz jackets too, whereas our office staff only required cotton shirts with embroidered logos. However, Arlen UK drew on their experience with other companies to advise us to offer cotton, short sleeved shirts to all our staff. As well as smartening up our corporate image, it eliminates any distinction between office staff and other employees. We abandoned our original plan of colour co-ordinating our departments and decided to allow workers to be able to choose from three colours on offer, irrespective of which department they work in. With our corporate logo to unite us, our workwear is not prescriptive and still allows our workforce some choice about what they wear to work each day.

Once satisfied that all aspects had been fully explored, Arlen UK went away with our requirements and quickly came back with a quote. After tweaking a few aspects, we were happy to place our order. We were reassured that help is always on the end of the telephone to answer any questions. Regular contact was made to keep us up to date with delivery dates and, after we had received the order, to check our levels of satisfaction.

Arlen UK’s mission is exactly what we were looking for. In establishing corporate workwear, we wanted to highlight team spirit and pride about what we do at our company. We took the decision to provide the clothing to our employees free of charge and we are very glad to report that the response has exceeded that which we could have hoped for.

Overall, we feel that choosing Arlen UK to provide us with corporate workwear has been beneficial in a number of ways. Not only do our workers now have quality, fit-for-purpose clothing but they also share a genuine common identity. We have had many positive comments from our visitors, as well as from clients who come into contact with our workforce. Indeed, our drivers are very proud of their smarter appearance and act as ambassadors for us in the outside world. Rather than viewing it with the same disdain as they did their school uniform, workers embrace the common goal for company success.

We do not hesitate to recommend Arlen UK for corporate workwear and urge you to pick up the telephone for a chat. They are waiting to take your call.

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